T's & C's



If you need a day to rejuvenate, thats ok, just give us 12 hours notice so that someone else has the opportunity to fill your spot. Late cancelations will be charged as if you attended the class. 


As we are a small outfit, give your waitlisted friends a chance to come to class by cancelling within the cancellation window, this way is a win-win for all!


Late? Go home and relax! The first 15 mins of your class are critical, without them you possibly wont get the best results from your class. (If its just 5 mins, come on in, you'll have time to catch up).


Life happens if you have an emergency and can't make it to class, please send me a text or voice message and we can arrange a catch up for you, up to 4 weeks of your missed class. Please also understand our instructors are human too and also at the whim of life's ups and downs. 


Unfortunately, we cannot refund you if you do not show to a class.



We cannot partially or fully refund passes you have purchased. There are options available to you if you are unsure of the commitment. Remember this is not only a commitment to the studio but also to your health and wellbeing. However, we are open to discuss exchanges and gift cards at the owners discretion.

You will not be refunded should you purchase the incorrect package or pass or for change of mind.

Public Holidays


We will close over public holidays because sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax. The weekends that follow will be on a case by case basis. We'll endeavour to keep you informed.


Class Numbers

Three is not a crowd at Umoya, its a class! It only takes two to tango, so be sure to book in with a friend to ensure our class goes ahead. Also be aware that the schedule may change so that each client can get the most out of their day, without feeling frazzled or rushed. Please ensure you double check the schedule approx 1 hours before you class, an email will also be sent to you.*



Please wear something well- fitted so that we can see how your body  moves. Also avoid wearing any jewellery or clothing that may get damaged or tangled on the equipment. Umoya will not be held liable for any damage or injury. Please bring along clean socks, and a towel, hey, you could even wear a sweat-band; they're making a come back :)



If you sign up for the waitlist assume you are coming to class up to an hour before class starts, people's lives change on a dime and we would like to allow all our students equal opportunity to attend class. Also double check the app in case you don't see the notification in time; especially if you are signed up for an early morning session.

Contact Information

Umoya studio primarily communicate with you via email, and occasionally via text. it is up to you to check your emails received. Please ensure you have provided the correct email and phone number so that you remain up to date of any schedule changes. If you have provided incorrect contact details, the studio cannot be held liable for any miscommunication or misinformation regarding the schedule.