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T's & C's

Please read and acknowledge our T & C's. With respect we kindly request you honour the space, the instructors, your fellow Pilates enthusiasts and yourselves:

Attendance Policy

Try to arrive 5 mins prior or promptly to the commencement of class. You are welcome to wait outside the studio door or in the waiting area.


Please do not enter the studio if the door is closed as we may be busy with a clients and you may catch a view of someone with feet- in-straps! (Which is just embarrassing for everyone.)


Under no circumstances are clients permitted to park on the premises at the back of the building. There is public parking and street parking available all around the building.


We ask you to turn your devices (phone, watch, hoverboard, goggles etc.) to silent in obersvance of respect to your instructor and the other participants. **You've carved out this time for yourself, honour that boundary - everything else can wait.



We cannot offer refunds for cancelled Single Session, Drop-Ins, Discovery passes or payments.


If you need a day to rejuvenate, thats ok, just give us 8 hours notice so that someone else has the opportunity to fill your spot. Late cancellations will be charged as if you attended the class.


--- We will be adopting a 3 strikes No-show policy from September 2022: 3x No-shows and you are liable to pay $60 No Show Fee. We will waive the no-show policy if you contact us promptly with emergency circumstances (unexpected illness or family dilemma - work commitments can wait, you wont be working very well if you're allowed to burn-out! Also read starred item above.**) ---


As we are a small outfit, give your waitlisted friends a chance to come to class by cancelling within the cancellation window, this way it's a win-win for all!

Late? Go home and relax! The first 15 mins of your class are critical, without them you possibly wont get the best results from your class. (If its just 5 mins, come on in, you'll have time to catch up).


Please also understand our instructors are human too and also at the whim of life's ups and downs so occasionally classes are cancelled if we cannot find a cover or if life throws us a curve ball.

If you have an active subscription you will be able to reschedule your session.

You will need to contact the studio to reschedule should you have purchased an Into Single Session or Essentials Single Session. Rescheduling these sessions is at the studio's discretion.

Returns or Refunds


We cannot partially or fully refund any purchases. There are options available to you if you are unsure of the commitment.


Remember this is not only a commitment to the studio but also to your health and wellbeing. We are open to discuss exchanges and gift cards at the owners discretion.

You will not be refunded should you purchase the incorrect package or pass or for change of mind.


Membership Suspensions and Cancellations


​Breath Membership:

-May be suspended for a total of 2 weeks per 3 months.

-May not be cancelled within a 6 months period


Flow Membership

-May be suspended for a total of 2 weeks per 3 months.

-May not be cancelled within a 6 months period


Control Membership

-May be suspended for a total of 2 weeks per 3 months.

-May not be cancelled within the 3 months period


All suspension and cancellation requests are at the studios discretion.




If you sign up for the waitlist assume you are coming to class up to an hour before class starts, people's lives change on a dime and we would like to allow all our students equal opportunity to attend class.


Please double check the app and your email in case you don't see the notification in time; especially if you are signed up for an early morning session. No-show strikes will apply.

If you are on the waitlist without an active subscription you will be sent an invoice for a Drop-In Class. These payments are invoice specific and must be paid within 5 days of the invoice

Public Holidays


Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax. Public holidays and the weekends that follow will be on a case by case basis. We'll endeavour to keep you informed.

Class Numbers


Three is not a crowd at Umoya, its a class! We reqire a minimum of 3 people in a class for it to run ( MamaToto classes excluded where 2 are required).


Please ensure you double check the schedule approx 1 hours before you class, you will also be sent a notification via the app.

The schedule is subject to change at the studio's discretion so that we can better serve the whole community.



Please wear something well- fitted so that we can see how your body moves. Also avoid wearing any jewellery or clothing that may get damaged or tangled on the equipment. Umoya will not be held liable for any damage or injury. Please bring along clean socks, and a towel, hey, you could even wear a sweat-band; they're making a come back :)

Masks are not mandated but may be at the request of clients or instructors.

Contact Information

Umoya studio primarily communicate with you via email, and occasionally via text. It is reliant on you to check your emails and junk folder to receive our communications.


We are now also available to chat via the Fit App or Website. If we're not online we will receive your message as an email - as always since we are not robots and venerate R&R we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Please ensure you have provided the correct email and phone number so that you remain up to date of any schedule or studio changes. If you have provided incorrect contact details, the studio cannot be held liable for any miscommunication or misinformation regarding the schedule or payments.

If you need to contact us please do so via Drop Us a Line Form on the website, via email at or the chat option on the Fit App.

“Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty to not only to attain it but to maintain it.”- Joseph Pilates

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