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Is it worth Investing In Maternity Wear?

Picture this : I was about 7 months pregnant, we'd just moved house, I was unpacking my clothes. I was seated on the floor with mountains of material surrounding me, sobbing; absolutely weeping . That real shoulder shake of tears.

As I had been unpacking my clothes, I had started to mourn them, their memories, the occasions ... and truly the body that had done those things. Pregnancy can feel like the longest 280 days of your life. The change your body takes on is tremendous. Looking at your favourite pair of jeans or Kookai dress can feel like your looking at another persons wardrobe, another persons life.

What you wear is really up to you. For my first pregnancy I got through 80% of it with my current wardrobe, the lesson I learned that day, on the floor, is that is that your body will never be the same again, even if you go back to your pre-pregnancy size.

Comfort is king during pregnancy. You are radiant and glorious as your belly grows, why not feel comfortable and proud of your changing form. Celebrate it, show it, and embrace this moment of time. No one likes to feel like a bloated sausage stuffed into its casing in something uncomfortable or too tight. It messes with your mind.

I'm not suggesting you go out and purchase an entire new wardrobe but a few versatile, good quality pieces will certainly see you through your pregnancy and also into the 4th trimester.

Remember - we don't bounce back. You can easily still look 3 months pregnant, 3 months after you've had your baby. How is it going to affect your self-esteem on your first outing into the world, with you new shiny and sweet baby in their pristine little outfit, to then cram your healing body into something that doesn't fit? Wrestling your pretty blouse to get you boob out to feed at the cafe makes everyone feel awkward. Many pregnancy clothes are also appropriate for feeding.

The clothes are symbolic of a previous life, of a change and of the future. Sometimes wrapping your head around the unknown life ahead of you can be daunting. There is certainly an element of fear and resignation about getting older and the change your body takes on. However like any transformation how you perceive yourself can alter your course on the other side.

As a Pilates Instructor the pressure I felt to look good was immense. However when my son arrived and for the first year of his life, how I looked was the last thing on my mind. Thankfully, I was armed with supportive leggings and quality breastfeeding T's that keep me looking put together without actually thinking about it. As time went on, even though I did go back to my previous size, my desire to wear some of my old clothes was gone, as not only did I feel like a different person, my lifestyle had changed dramatically. Added to that, my shape has changed - my ribs are wider, my waist is thicker, I'm certainly more squishy, but I feel like a stronger and more feminine version of myself. I know women who feel the best in their body after having children. They are stronger and healthier than before. Of course, I also know women who are working towards a goal for their body too.

Good maternity wear can also provide subtle support, especially if you're experiencing lower back pain. As a Pilates instructor I am advocate for first strengthening and stretching muscles and correcting posture, but I do also see the value in gentle support when needed. Supportive postpartum wear was a life saver after my second baby and assisted in my recovery while running after my toddler and nursing a new born.

One thing that all women have in common, is that they will marvel and have a new appreciation of themselves and the sum of all of their parts. The resilience and adaptability of the female body is inspiring. It starts now by acknowledging, embracing, mourning and celebrating your passage to motherhood. Investing in maternity wear is investing in your self-esteem, which can be rocked or shattered after pregnancy. My personal advice is yes, go for it! Who doesn't need a good reason to go shopping? Or instead of another muslin wrap perhaps a trusted friend could get you a gift voucher towards some beautiful and comfortable maternity wear?

Yes, pregnancy and post-partum are just a blink of an eye in the whole of your life, but it is also one of the most frazzling to yourself esteem. More importantly, embracing and celebrating these changes softens the heart and mind around the expectations you have for yourself. It allows you the opportunity to experiment and catch a glimpse of the woman you are becoming. It's that bitter sweet sensation of growing up. We don't get many of them in our life-time, so you might as well look fabulous while you do it!

Here are some of my preferred brands for quality and versatility. these are not paid ads this is purely from my personal experience.


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