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Why you need Prenatal Pilates


Back in ye days of ol’, people would think that being pregnant was a “condition” and it is often still referred to as such, but i dont think this term accurately celebrates the fact that really it is a very good condition. In order to create this little life there was a perfect storm of hormones eggs and sperms, your body was just exactly right to make the uterus a hospitable place for a fertilised egg and I personally believe you heart was in the right place to receive it all, this is only to mention a few aspects of this mind blowing achievement of the body.

No matter how it got there you body does wonderful things to keep it in there; safe, nourished and ready to grow.

We need to celebrate this and exercise our pregnant bodies, not because we have to but because it will feel oh so good!

Some woman feel like the lioness, strong and powerful during pregnancy and others feel a little more like a delicate flower gently growing in dappled sunlight.

You may find you feel both of these things. Some pregnancies will be easy and some will be tough, but whatever it is, your body is not the same body you had 6 weeks ago. Even if it looks similar and feels similar there are a multitude of adaptive transitions occurring to accommodate your baby. With 2 children of my own and a miscarriage in between I have deep- dived into understanding these adaptions and how to optimise them to make your pregnancy, birth and adaption into motherhood a positive one.

From at least 12 weeks “normal people” workouts are not going to be good enough, you are now a rare and special unicorn and deserve to be treated as one.

Like all jobs there are side effects to being an Uber for just over 9 months. Carrying a baby as well as your own weight which can total 12 kilos over a comparatively short space of time is not easy on the joints and ligaments. And once the most epic Uber ride for bambino reaches its destination; you are about to embark on the the most gruelling incomprehensible Ironman challenge never to be thought of by a mere man. Once that is over there is a huge celebration and you’ll party all night for a while and embark on the new journey of motherhood. So what’s all that got to do with Pilates?

Prenatal Pilates at Umoya is designed to assist you through all these phases of yours and your babies life.

The most haunting thing for most new mothers and even those doing it for a second or third time is birthing. Like training for a marathon, you need to train your body and your mind to be able to give it your best shot.

A healthy and informed woman is able to make healthy and informed decisions about her body and about her story.

For seconds or thirds it could be the opportunity to change your story. The time to renew your confidence and trust in the body that brought you into motherhood.

Prenatal Pilates at Umoya specifically focuses on training the muscles of the body and mind to assist both mum and baby through delivery.

With the most obvious, unique and often misunderstood journey complete, you will embark on a new one of motherhood. And while so much energy is invested in your baby, Prenatal Pilates sets up skills and habits and knowledge about caring for your own body and health so that you are better equipped to serve your children. The seeds of knowledge are embedded in the muscles memory to aid in recovery as well as into your day to day life with a newborn.

Umoya’s holistic approach does not end in movement but is a positive life transforming method.

As we share our stories, our knowledge and experiences; we hope to give mothers the faith in themselves and their pregnant bodies to step into matrescence in peak condition.

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