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Eating to Thrive

As I'm new to this whole blog thing, I thought I would share an article (read it here) from the Huffington Post. I believe we were put on this glorious earth to enjoy its riches in abundance. McDonalds does not come from the earth, but a Mango does.... if you are picking up what I'm dropping from my opinion tree?

Without launching into a tyraid, please read the article and have a think about how you treat your body, in its natural, beautiful and ultimately perfect state.

Eating is essential but it should also be a joy. Take each day, meal, moment and mouthful as it comes and remember that the power is within you to make a choice - (aren't we lucky!) and you have the power to be, feel, and eat whoever and whatever you want. Add in the benefits, not only to your mood and mind, of doing daily exercise (By exercise I don’t mean training like an Olympic athlete, I'm talking about a walk, if you like walking, or even better, some Pilates (smiley face)) and really we have been given a magical, easily accessible recipe to be wonderfully human.

Whoever said that eating healthily is boring or a chore, has clearly never eaten a pinepple or a stinky organic brie or an avo! After 2 weeks of eating food that is free from labels, fast -food and junk starts to taste as processed and plastic as it truly is. And you'll end up eating less as whole food is more filling (perhaps because its whole?). When your mood, skin and energy levels improve and your life changes, you will have moved from eating to live, to eating to thrive.

- The only think I like better than talking about Food is eating.-

John Walters

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