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Find one that works for you

  • Intro To Pilates

    Perfect for beginners to kick start your addiction
    Valid for one month
    • 1 30 min One:One
    • + 1 Group Class
  • Popular

    Discover Pilates

    Discover a new way to experience your body and Pilates
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • 1 30min One:One Private Session
    • +1 1hour One:One Private Session
    • +5 Pilates Group Classes
  • One2One Essentials

    This 30 minute Private session to get to know the basics
    Valid for one month
    • Introductory Private Session
  • Drop In Class

    Casual Class
    Valid for one month
    • MamaToto (Mother Baby)
    • Pilates Class
    • Barre
  • One:One Drop In

    1 Hour Private Session
    Valid for one month
    • Private Session
  • MamaToto 5

    Spend some quality time getting to know your pregnant body
    Valid for 2 months
    • 5 MamaToto (Mother Baby) Classes
  • Breath Membership

    Every month
    Pay monthly
    Valid for 12 months
    • 5 Weekly Pilates Class
    • Top Ups Available
  • Flow Membership

    Every month
    For the Pilates Addict - Pay Monthly
    Valid for 12 months
    • Unlimited Pilates Classes
    • 3 One:Ones
  • Control membership

    Every month
    Pay Monthly for Private sessions
    Valid for 6 months
    • 5 Private Sessions
  • SuperMama Membership

    Every week
    Love you body, love yourself care pre- and post pregnancy
    Valid for 24 weeks
    • 1 Private Sessions
    • 1 Mama Toto Classes
    • Access To All Amandla Mama Worrkshops
  • Precision Membership

    Every month
    Unlimited Private sessions
    Valid for 12 months
    • Unlimited Private Sessions

Please ensure you read our T&C's before purchasing.

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