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In June 2023 - I had launched the first Amandla Mama Workshop at my studio. It was way more successful than I had anticipated and made me more confident to put myself out there as a perinatal Pilates expert.

I wrote this article which was featured in the Pilates Journal. There was so much more to unpack and so shortly after I created the Webinar for pilates and Yoga Industry Professionals. 

I'm always open to feedback questions and mentoring or partnership opportunities as I believe as health professionals we should be working together to see better outcomes for women and their families.

In the Webinar we will cover:

  • Herstory: How the culture of Birthing has changed and it's effects on women today

  • 5 Essential Elements: Some of the hormones for pregnancy, birth and post-partum and how we can work with them in Pilates

  • Rethinking our Words: What we're doing right and how we can do better

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