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Amandla Instructor offers a specialised webinar focused on equipping  Pilates Instructors with the knowledge and skills to deepen their work with pregnant women and new mothers. Our webinar covers topics such as understanding the physiology of pregnancy, the impact of birth and lifestyle on postpartum recovery and more. Enrol Now to find out how you can help support your clients through their pregnancy and postpartum journey.

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In June 2023 - I had launched the first Amandla Mama Workshop at my studio. It was way more successful than I had anticipated and made me more confident to put myself out there as a perinatal Pilates expert.

I wrote this article which was featured in the Pilates Journal. There was so much more to unpack and so shortly after I created the Webinar for pilates and Yoga Industry Professionals. 

I'm always open to feedback questions and mentoring or partnership opportunities as I believe as health professionals we should be working together to see better outcomes for women and their families.

In the Webinar we will cover:

  • Herstory: How the culture of Birthing has changed and it's effects on women today

  • 5 Essential Elements: Some of the hormones for pregnancy, birth and post-partum and how we can work with them in Pilates

  • Rethinking our Words: What we're doing right and how we can do better

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