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One2Ones are a great way to get to know you body and the magic benefits of Pilates. You get to go at your own pace with my  full attention, so it's great for perfectionists, newbies, and people who are working towards a specific goal.

Think of it as buying a tailored suit for you mind & body.

Get ready to change your life!


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A lovely intimate studio, I went for a private session with Faye and she honestly changed my life! I have previously been to pilates classes before but this was the first time an instructor has explained so well the muscles being used, how to use and focus them and how you can tell whether you're using them correctly. I felt incredible afterwards and truly worked out!

The best way to learn more about your body is to MOVE your body.

Simply start where you're at and I will meet you there.

In Pilates we utilise various apparatus (like balls and bands) from the Matwork program, as well as Pilates most famous and flexible machine, THE REFORMER which provides over 800 exercises from tame to adventurous.

Classes are designed to challenge and restore; quietly invigorating and always worthwhile. 

No 2 Classes are the same as I believe variety is the spice of life!


Tune In : Tune Out


Postnatal Repair

No one needs to tell you the huge toll being a Baby-Uber for 9 months can have on the body! Our classes are designed to be safe and restorative for the postnatal body with corrective pelvic floor exercises embeded in the program and abdominal separation management. This is the best way to make friends with your new body!


Mindfulness for Mums

We all deserve freedom.

Freedom from responsibility, the noise, the rush, the go go go.

Through mindful movement you can create an inner sanctuary...

and get great buns too!

We'll help you tune in, so you can tune out!


Me - Time

Self-care.... so tricky because it's just another thing you need to do. Put the to do list down and let us guide you through your practice. This doesn't mean it will be easy, but it will be fun! We'll work hard enough to get the endorphins going and your face feeling flushed. At Umoya, we call it the Bliss!


I love & look forward to every class & don’t see Pilates as a chore but some me time! Big plus is I no longer get random backaches & my posture has improved (my grandma is very happy about this haha)!
Thank you Umoya for introducing me to the world of Pilates!

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