Private lessons are a great way to get to know Pilates, you get to go at your own pace with my full attention, so it's great for perfectionists, newbies, and people who are working towards a specific goal. Think of it as buying a tailored suit for you mind & body. If you're working on a specific ailment, I'm happy to work along side your Specialist, to facilitate happy, healthy, wellbeing. 

Like all things that are fun, exhilerating and worth the effort, please check with your Doc, Physio, Chiro, Guru and Better half before taking on Pilates.

One2One - Essentials

1x 30- 45 minute Essentials

This is the best way to get started! We'll run through the basics and get you breathing and moving  and feeling ready to step with confidence and great poise into class.


One2One - Private

1x Private Class

Sink your teeth into the one hour session -just you and me and the music.


One2One - 10 Class Pass

10x Private Classes

You are serious about your body and you want it running like a well oiled machine.

You're ready to get hooked and change how you see yourself and your body!


One2One - 20 Class Pass

20x Private Classes

You are about to join the Pilates Church! Get ready to feel amazing with 20 sessions dedicated solely to your wellbeing. Your body is going to love you!  


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