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U M O Y A 

From Proto-Bantu *mʊ̀jòjà, a variant of Proto-Bantu *mʊ̀jòjò (“life, spirit”).



úmôya 3

  1. air

  2. wind

  3. spiritsoul

The Inner West's First Boutique Reformer Pilates Studio

What makes Umoya studio different: It's personal. It's unique. Our approach is holistic, the studio is tranquil. This space was created for you. Umoya means breath, in Zulu, we are here to help you connect to your body and your mind. The instructors have been carefully selected and our programs sprinkled with Umoya magic to ensure your experience is both rejuvenating and relaxing. This is not your run of the mill Pilates class, we endeavour to give you a deeper understanding of your own body, personal limits and strengths. Breathe all your cares away... for an hour at least.

The studio is our Sanctuary, our community means so much more than just memberships or numbers to us.

you are our inspiration. 

With just 6 REFORMERS we can quickly modify exercises, correct a mistake and encourage our students without skipping a beat or disrupting the flow. We know you have good days and bad days.We understand that everyone is at a different level of skill -our focus is on what you CAN do. At the end of class, everyone is feeling the same: fluffy, long, strong and totally blissed. 

We believe we should find joy in extending our bodies and minds as it is what makes the difference between living, and thriving.



  • Drop In Class

    Casual Class
    Valid for one month
    • MamaToto (Mother Baby)
    • Pilates Class
    • Barre
  • Intro To Pilates

    Perfect for beginners to kick start your addiction
    Valid for one month
    • 1 30 min One:One
    • + 1 Group Class
  • Discover Pilates

    Discover a new way to experience your body and Pilates
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • 1 30min One:One Private Session
    • +1 1hour One:One Private Session
    • +5 Pilates Group Classes