Faye is passionate about movement;  each individuals unique anatomy and how motion is deeply connected to ones mood and ultimately to ones soul. She has been a dancer; a mover and a shaker her whole life and loves to share this passion with others; which is why she created Umoya. Faye has a keen eye for detail and believes it is in the subtle aspects of each exercise that we can create and experience Pilates transformative effects. As a professional dancer, Faye understand the wear and tear associated an athletic lifestyle . Over 15 years of experience in Pilates has  highlighted the trappings of modern day living and as a mum, Faye is well acquainted with the effects of pregnancy,  motherhood and much coveted me-time for mums and professionals alike. Faye is currently studying  for the prestigious  Diploma of Slings in Motion through The Anatomy Trains,  Art of Motion Academy focussing on the function and integration of Fascia in movement. This gives Faye a unique and intuitive understanding of movement patterns and the human body as a whole. 



Hayley came on board at Umoya to give Faye a helping hand though her pregnancy and maternity leave and has since  become an integral part of the studio. Hayley has always enjoyed dancing and moving  but like most people her career started to take precedence over her joy. To keep her sane at her desk job Hayley did Pilates...sometimes even at her desk. She believes the practice not only balances the body but also the mind. After crying through her lunch break in her car one day, she decided to share this little mental and physical utopia with others and became an Umoya Apprentice  and then an Instructor. Hayley has a knack for accuracy and believes in building on simple moves with great technique to get to the more complex choreography. She wants you feeling a sense of achievement from class to class; building on and improving your practice each time you walk into the studio.



We teach Pilates Matwork, Apparatus, Reformer, Barre Pre- and Postnatal Pilates. The magic is in the movement! Joesph Pilates created wonderful repertoire of movement exercises and they have been built on, deconstructed, modernised and cherished over time.  Pilates in and of itself is amazing for a number of reasons hence its popularity. At Umoya we share our knowledge of what makes a balanced body and a healthy mind. 

What makes Umoya different? Our approach is holistic, we know you have good days and bad days but we hope that Umoya is a safe, relaxed and comfortable space where you can breathe all your cares away... for an hour at least.


Our studio is like our church, our community mean so much more than just memberships or numbers to us. As such we can quickly modify exercises, correct a mistake and encourage our students without skipping a beat or disrupting the flow. We understand that everyone is at a different level of skill but at the end of class, everyone is feeling the same amazing feeling. 

We believe we should find joy in extending our bodies and minds as it is what makes the difference between living, and thriving.


Check out this interview Faye did with Creative Consulting a couple of years ago. 

Same philosophy. Same enthusiasm. More Love.