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WHAT IS PILATES?: Joseph Pilates tried his hand at everything from martial arts to gymnastics. It was through his endless curiosity of movement that he  designed his movement program. Based on 6 principles, he connects the body and the mind for a truly holistic workout. 

Unlike many other workout programs, the essence of Pilates is mobility of the spine, connected to a strong core, with a focus on establishing supple and healthy joints, all through thoughtful, specific movements.

At Umoya we facilitate balance
and control OF THE BODY
while also centring the mind

the umoya difference?:Each class at Umoya is uniquely choreographed by our expert instructors. In every class we utilize everything from small apparatus from the Matwork repetoire as well as high class equipment such as the Reformer. We take spacial care to ensure our classes are dynamic, holistic and always engaging. It is our hope that at the end of each session you have a new appreciation for your body, that you feel stronger, lighter, taller, easier and able to take on the world ! 


The Quintessential Class

The best way to learn more about Pilates is to DO Pilates.

Simply start where you're at and we will meet you there.

We utilise various apparatus (like balls and bands) from the Matwork programme as well as Pilates most famous and flexible machine, THE REFORMER which provides over 800 exercises from tame to adventurous.

No 2 Classes are the same as we believe variety is the spice of life!


Easily accessible to all levels... This is Pilates at its best!


Pre and Postnatal Class

Spend some quality time with your body. At Umoya we believe that exercise is crucial for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. We take you through correct breathing, gorgeous stretches and techniques that will serve you well into motherhood. You can attend class from conception right up until your due date.  The class will vary using small apparatus as well as the reformer, to ensure a safe but beneficial workout.

Your body is amazing!


Private Sessions

One2Ones are a great way to get to know you body and Pilates. You get to go at your own pace with my full attention, so it's great for perfectionists, newbies, and people who are working towards a specific goal.

Think of it as buying a tailored suit for you mind & body.

Get ready to change your life!

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