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Each class is uniquely choreographed to improve range of motion and movment ease. In every class we utilise everything from small apparatus from the Pilates repetoire as well as high class equipment such as the Reformer. I promise to take special care to ensure classes are dynamic, holistic and always engaging. It is my hope that at the end of each session you have a new appreciation for your body. You'll feel stronger, lighter, taller, easier and able to take on the world ! 


Frequently asked Questions about pilates Why is pilates expensive? Is pilates only for Women? Is pilates Good for weightloss? Is Pilates like yoga? Why do famous people do pilates? Will Pilates haelp my back Pain? What if I'm a beginner to pilates?


Why is Pilates expensive?

Pilates Instructors have to study, observe, and be mentored to qualify, which equates to thousands of hours and dollars. At Umoya we also love to be on the front foot of movement science.


Sure, you could possibly find cheaper classes, but good instructors know their worth.

The magic is in the movement. The Pilates Method was designed on 6 Principles: Breath; control; flow; precision; centreing and concentration. It's these principles that differentiate Pilates from any other workout


Is pilates or yoga good for weight loss?

You cannot out-run a poor diet.

Studies show that Pilates is effective for weight-loss and  improve muscle tone.

Pilates at Umoya is about holistic body maintenance and appreciation.


The lucky side effect is that it is easier to make healthy life choices when you're feeling good in your skin.


why do models & athletes do pilates & Yoga?

Beautiful people have been doing Pilates since Joseph Pilates set up his studio near the New York City Ballet in the early 1920's. Yoga is possibly the oldest movement methodology and the basis of almost all exercise programs

High profile people engage in this rejuvenating practice as an act of self care. They know that what goes up must come down and Pilates is the difference between navigating a stressful life with grace or crashing & burnout. 


We specialise in maintaining and balancing physicality to prevent injury as well as calming and quietening the mind.


I'm a Beginner, what next?

We're not big into labels at Umoya, so our classes are appropriate for all levels of fitness.

We strongly suggest coming in for a One:One Essentials : 30 minute Private session so we can get to know you and you can get to know the studio.


We'll take you through the basics and teach you your own personal tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of every session. Book via the bookings page.


are your classes only for women?

We specialise in Women's Health but Joseph Pilates was a dude and dudes will benefit from Pilates too. 

We welcome every colour of the rainbow at Umoya.

It has only been since the 70's that people have started to recognise that a woman's body should be treated differently to a man's. Our movement practice has been shown to improve outcomes of postnatal injuries such as prolapse and abdominal separation as well as for women in the Menopause. It is a great preventative method against falls and osteoporosis. If you need another reason - it feels pretty amazing too!


is Pilates like yoga?

Historically Yoga is a spiritual practice and Pilates is mindful exercise. They have coexisted as complimentary alternative therapies for years.

One of the most evident differences is that Pilates incorporates apparatus such as the Reformer and small props such as balls and bands.

A principle of both Pilates and Yoga is Centreing. This means bringing awareness to ones centre - more commonly know as the core or prayanama kosha.


By focussing on centreing we aim to create balance and a sense of ease and strength in our movements. 


will your classes help my back pain?

Yes! Grunting be gone!

Pilates & Yoga executed with correct technique and training is known to relieve bodily aches and pains from knees to necks and everything in between.


These methods  of moving  have been synonymous with healing.

At Umoya we aim to bring balance, strength and mobility to the body, so that you can go about your day with grace and a sense of ease.

Our small classes ensure that you are doing each movement with the optimal technique and integrity.


what do I wear or bring?



We have mats, towels and anything else you could need to experience the brilliance of Pilates.

Bring along your lovely self,

a pair of clean gip socks (available to purchase in studio or online here!)

and a sense of humour and a smile!

It always helps to wear comfortable, form fitting clothes so that we can see you move and ensure you are executing each movement with precision.




Studio Owner / Pilates Guru / Creator of All The Things / Dancer / Visionary / Mother / Wife / Daughter / Friend /  Saffa

Passionate / inspired / insightful

CREATOR AND OWNER OF UMOYA STUDIO: with over 20 years of experience in Pilates, Dance and Theatre, Faye is astute in understanding the athletic body.

As a mother of 2 and business owner; she is also equipped to understand the demands of modern life on the body, the psyche and the soul.

Faye is especially passionate about Pre and Postnatal care and Myofascial movement techniques and therapies. She endeavours to always be on the front foot of science; movement and health research. As a student Faye is currently completing her Diploma in Myofascial Slings and looks forward to completing her degree in psychology. Her curiosity inspires all her classes.

Faye wants you to leave the studio feeling renewed, revitalised

and with great admiration & love for your body

- even on lazy days

"I have  a unique and intuitive understanding of movement and it's interconnectedness to the mind."
About Faye Pilates
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