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Who Are We
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8 weeks
90 minutes
prenatal Pilates
+ Birth education

This is the only Prenatal Pilates and Birth Education Workshop this side of anywhere! Of course there'll be juicy stretches and yummy butt-burning or would it even be Pilates? BUT in this 8 week workshop we'll go deeper . We will learn about the magic that you are creating and genuinely embrace your bump, your body and your brain. We'll talk juicy bits, contractions, breastfeeding, #mumlife and then we'll rinse it all out with an epic Prenatal Reformer Pilates workout.

Birthing passionately does not necessarily mean birthing painlessly (although this may happen for some women).
- DR. Sara J. Buckley

I do everything with my whole heart, and being a physiology and psychology geek, I went deeeeep into the rabbit hole of all things Birth and Pilates. Inspired by many trailblazing Midwifes, Matrescence coaches, Researchers and Women's Health Experts (who you'll learn about along the way), not to mention my own 3 pregnancies and 2 babes; I created this workshop for the beautiful, strong and vibrant women who walk into my studio everyday ready to embrace their pregnant body and get educated about birth and post partum.

... when a woman feels confident in her body, well supported,
and able to express herself without inhibition,
the pain that she may feel can become bearable, and just one part of the process.
She can then respond instinctively with her own resources,
including her most basic and accessible tools:
breath, sound, and movement.
-Dr. Sara J. Buckley

We'll share everything you need to know, and all the things women (including me) wish they'd known. We'll workout ,we'll learn, we'll laugh and we'll connect over this deeply transformative experience.

We'll create the village you desire and support you and your pelvic floor through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

I can't wait to share this Workshop with you. 


​It was a place where I felt safe, connected, educated, respected and sore (good sore lol)!

The knowledge that Faye holds about birth, and the body gave me exceptional confidence that I could continue to train right up until my last weeks before birth.

I was able to be educated (and reminded) about the processes of labour as well as staying physically fit so that I could endure the most empowering birth I didn't know I was going to have yet.

- Marie Louise Ribera, Umoya MamaToto Client

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