30 October 2022


30 October 2022


Suit 4 . 69 Carlton Crescent . Summer Hill . NSW

the workshop

 I am fascinated by the natural way the human body works. I believe that our bodies have everything they need to heal and maintain health. Some days we have good days and some days we have bad days but mostly, in order to conceive and start to grow a baby you have to be in relatively good health despite the level of risk the midwife or doctor has allocated you or how easily or challenging becoming pregnant was for you. It is as natural as the trees shedding their leaves, the ocean hitting the shore or how you grew that lovely head of hair all by yourself.

You already have everything you need to have an unassisted, magical and empowering Birth.

In these workshops we take a woman-centred look at the biological and emotional aspects of your pregnancy. We'll talk everything  pregnancy, childbirth,  4th trimester and beyond. My goal is to give your body and you baby the best chance of a safe, enriching and empowering birth.

We start as we intend to finish, and how we show up as a mothers is deeply tied to pregnancy and our birth experience.

As well as the confidence to step into Motherhood knowing you have what it takes to be brilliant (even on 4 hours of sleep)!

Whether it is your first or your third, if you're considering a C-section or VBAC, home or hospital you can write your own story about how you conquered the most physically challenging moment of your life. 

'...the gift of the physiological hormones is giving us more resources to cope with the stress of raising babies, which is very much different.'

—Anna Maria Rosetti

Workshop outline

Each week these 90min workshops will cover 45 mins Birth Workshops followed by 45min Pilates Reformer Class.

Week 1

Week 2 

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Your Beautiful Belly

- Hormonal shifts influencing your body and your baby right now

- Breathing techniques

Your Beautiful Mind

- Prepare your mind for the most transformative event of you life

- Connect Baby, Body, Brain

Birth Rites

- Everything you need to know about Childbirth 

- Birth Rituals

Birth Rites in the Modern World

- How to navigate your birth in modern day medical system

- Interventions and augmentations


- Baby is here - now what? Navigating  your new role as Mother

- Early days survival kit

Falling in Love- the 4th trimester

- Breastfeeding/ Feeding and the Golden 3's 

- Mothers need mothering too

Your Beautiful Heart - Matrescence

- You're a Mother and you're a Woman too

- Ancient wisdom requires practice

The Woman Collective 

- The "Village" 

- Resources