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Reformer Pilates Yoga Studio Prenatal Pilates Matwork antenatal Classes

Summer Hill's Original Reformer Pilates Studio

Specialising in Pre and Postnatal Pilates

Est. 2016


U  M O Y A [úmôːja]

From Proto-Bantu *mʊ̀jòjà, a variant of Proto-Bantu *mʊ̀jòjò (“life, spirit”).

  1. air

  2. wind

  3. spirit


I love & look forward to every class & don’t see Pilates as a chore but some me time! Big plus is I no longer get random backaches & my posture has improved (my grandma is very happy about this haha)!
Thank you Umoya for introducing me to the world of Pilates!


This is not a gym.

It's personal.

It's unique.

My approach is holistic, the studio is tranquil.


This space was created for you to disconnect from the world and reconnect to your self. Our instructors carefully and mindfully choreograph our movment classes and sprinkle them with Umoya magic to ensure your experience is both rejuvenating and relaxing.

This is not your run of the mill Pilates Studio, we endeavour to give you a deeper understanding of your body, personal limits and strengths, so that you can create joy, peace and ease for your mind and body. 


Breathe all your cares away... for an hour at least.

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Your regular workout isn't good enough anymore

If you're feeling the weight of mental load, it's time for some Me-Time!

 Our Pilates and Yoga classes are designed to help you feel grounded physically and mentally. Reduce your stress,  manage female health concerns, find a some space and freedom. 

We have the magic to guide you to achieve optimal wellness and longevity.


Click to find out what we do and why you'll love it.

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Are you Pregnant?


We are especially enthusiastic about our Prenatal Pilates and Birth Preparation Classes. This carefully curated evidence based program is dedicated to making sure you have the tools and resources to have a beautiful birth experience and step into motherhood feeling empowered and confident.

Empower your body : Embody your power


I love the welcoming environment and the philosophy of mind-body-breath, all working together in every class. I love that no class is ever the same, it never feels repetitive or boring, I never know what's going to happen and that keeps it fun!! I also love the people I share every class with.

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This is Us

Umoya was created for women to come together to find inner peace, physical strength and resilience through all stages of life.


Our founder, Faye, with her background in dance and psychology; established the studio with the belief that movement is difference between living and thriving.  We believe in the power of mindful movement to prepare women through all the transformative events in life: quirky partners, pregnancy, childbirth, career changes, kids, menopause and everything else in between.


We introduced yoga with Susan, to our studio to consolidate our emphasis on introspection and meditation through movement. 

Discover the infinite space within.

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